In today’s world, only a few individuals are defined by one passion or skill. The vast majority of young professionals find interest in a variety of different activities and hobbies that often range from one end of a spectrum to another. The Well Balanced Man is an online magazine catered towards anyone who has ever found themselves caught in-between definitions or extremes. We write for men and women who express themselves through a number of different outlets, particularly business, fashion, music and sports.

As a departure from the status quo of typical cultural journalism, we are shredding the portrait that previous mainstream magazines paint of us. We refuse to be defined by one image or style. Who says a jock can’t learn to code? Who says an investment banker can’t ride to work bumping rap music? Who says a programmer can’t follow the latest fashion trends?

When niche outlooks are combined to form a powerhouse of well-rounded content it offers incalculable career advice, fashion and style tips, and provides readers with well-built music playlists. This is what TWBM embodies; with writers contributing from all walks of life, we can learn from their experiences as if they were our own and apply them moving forward.

We cater to individuals who want a one-stop shop for quick and informative content regarding all their favourite topics. No twenty-page articles, no album reviews, no highlights from last night’s game and definitely no excessive rants. Instead we aim to provide material that readers can learn from, have fun with, and enjoy casually.

So whether it’s a quick read or a deep creep through our site, The Well Balanced Man will offer the most productive waste of time available on the Internet.

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