A wise rap group once said “Cash Rules Everything Around Me..” and boy were they right. Staying on top of personal finances has proven to be one of the most important parts of being a successful young professional.  But on the journey to get rich or die trying, making money is only half the battle! Being able to budget, spend wisely and take accountability for where your money is going is just as, if not more important, than making a hefty pay cheque.

But it seems like a tedious task to track your spending. You have to keep your receipts, routinely check your bank account, and worst of all actually justify to yourself how those new kicks were worth the heavy hit your bank account had to take. Wouldn’t it be nice if we each had a personal financial assistant? Luckily for our generation, there’s an app for that!

What Is It?

Mint is a FREE online personal finance service that does all the above and more! With Mint you have no local software to install, and it’s a service you can access with any browser or mobile device (it even has an awesome app!).2815_7-of-the-best-money-management-apps_2_3

What Does It Do?

Mint syncs all your bank accounts, credit cards, student loans, car payments, mortgage payments, and even investing brokerage accounts onto their platform so you’re presented your financial information in a slick easy-to-use web interface, with pretty graphs and all. So whether you tap your credit card for lunch or automatically make monthly payments towards your student loan, Mint will automatically track it and keep your information up to date.


How Does It Do It?

Mint’s primary feature is all about budgeting and tracking expenses, and this is where their service really shines. As you spend money in your day-to-day life, Mint automatically tracks what type of expense that is. It’ll figure out if that money was spent on food, clothes, alcohol, or groceries so at the end of a week or month you can look back and see where your money actually went. Then you can set budgets in place to help monitor the money you’re spending on certain categories. Want to spend less money on coffee shops next month? You can set a budget and have Mint notify you if you are approaching or exceeding that monthly budget. These financial summaries will be emailed to you both weekly and monthly to help you stay on top of your finances.

Part of being balanced is being able to not only make money, but also keep it. To know when to ball out and when to lay low. So keep your mind and your money and your money and your mind.