The Toronto Raptors have shown a lot of improvement after last season’s disappointing first round exit in the playoffs. Now with the city of Toronto ready to host the NBA All-Star Weekend this February 11-14, basketball will be the talk of town here in Toronto so it’s a good time to get to know your Raptors players. However life is busy and 82 games are a lot to watch, so here is your shortcut guide for everything you need to know about the 2015-2016 Toronto Raptors.


Starting 5 Players



Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is arguably our best player. He is coming off an all-star season and most recently lost a shit ton of weight this past offseason. He is in the best shape of his life and was named a start on the Eastern All-Star team.  



Demar DeRozan

Demar DeRozan has been a Raptor for his whole 7 year career. After years of struggling to lead our team it seems like him and Lowry are now solidified all-stars in the NBA. Derozan will be a back up SG for the Eastern All-Star team. 



Demarre Caroll

Demarre (Dem-Arr-Eh) Caroll was our biggest off-season acquisition. Before we signed him to a 4-year contract, he played with the Atlanta Hawks and helped them achieve their own impressive season. Demarre is a tough, gritty, and hard working player who isn’t an all-star but is a fantastic role player. He’s been struggling with knee injuries this year but should be healthy come playoff time (I hope).



Patrick Patterson

Patrick Patterson has been a raptor for 2 years now and has already become a fan favourite player. His knack for hitting clutch shots and playing his heart out every night makes him a valuable asset to the Raptors.



Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas is a 23 year old beast of a man. He is one of the leagues top centers on the offensive side but his lack of quickness on the defensive side has put him on the bench for many 4th quarters. He has battled some injuries this season but is looking like he’s back to normal recently.


Bench Players



Luis Scola

Luis is another one of our offseason acquisitions. He is the star of the Argentinian national team and is a off the bench role player for the Raptors. His defense isn’t great but some nights he can help our second unit score the ball.



Terrence Ross

Terrence Ross has also been a raptor for his whole 3-year career. He has struggled to make a name for himself but since his potential is insane the Raptors have decided to keep him around. So if Ross lights it up, be the one to say “FINALLY!” and everyone will think you know what you’re talking about.


Cory Joseph

My favourite offseason acquisition, Cory Joseph, was arguably overpaid to come back to his hometown and be our back up PG. He went to Pickering High and his number 6 proudly reps his hometown of Toronto. Although he’s not in any all-star weekend events, he’ll be around to show off his hometown to visiting players.



James Johnson

James Johnson is a mean, mean man. Although not very skilled, he has a big body and a badass personality. He’s the type to dunk it on your head and then talk about it in the press conference. SEE: THIS



Bismack Biyombo

Bismack is a bouncy big man who can clean up rebounds for the second unit. We recently acquired him this past off-season from the Charlotte Hornets. With JV injured, Big Bizzness has proved that he can step it up and provide big minutes. 





Delon Wright

This offseason we used our first round draft pick to get the University of Wisconsin’s PG, Delon Wright. He’s yet to see the court a lot this year but if you want to really know your stuff, mention that his older brother, Dorell Wright, has been a NBA role player for some years now.



Norman Powell

Norman Powell was an impressive late draft pick from UCLA. He hasn’t seen the court too often but looks promising for the future.


DEEP Bench



Anthony Bennett

It pains me to call Anthony Bennett a draft bust because he is also a Toronto native but he has not played to his full potential in the NBA just yet. He is slowly improving though so as Torontonians we should all hope he has a great second half to the season.



Bruno Caboclo

Bruno is a young 20-year-old Brazilian with a lot of potential. He is not a scrub but he’s just 2 years away from being 2 years away…



Lucas Nogueira

Lucas is a 23-year-old Brazilian big man who has not seen a lot of playing time either but him and Bruno are best buds. Just thought you might need to know that…




Dwane Casey

Dwane Casey recently became the Toronto Raptors with the most wins in franchise history. He is a defensive specialist but struggles making offensive minded decisions. However he has done a great job turning the team’s culture around In Toronto by introducing a winning mentality.


With all that you are sure to stick out as a Raptor’s expert. Now you can speak up when there is a Toronto Raptors discussion between your friends or co-workers!