There’s a certain charm to Toronto, a city known for being a multicultural melting pot that carries a tight-knit community feel – and that charm shines bright when we take a broadened look at its growing music scene. As leaders of their respective genres, the continued success of Toronto megastars Drake and The Weeknd has piqued the curiosity of listeners across the globe regarding the city’s musical output. Frankly, there has never been this much attention paid to Toronto, as The 6 continues to breed talented artists who are slowly making serious waves. From the likes of rising stars like Tory Lanez and Majid Jordan, to the under-the-radar acts such as Lais and dvsn, local artists are covering a wide scope of genres in hip-hop, R&B, alternative and pop music. Luckily, The Well Balanced Man has got you covered; we’ve arranged a collection of songs from up-and-coming Toronto artists for the inquisitive music enthusiast, which we will be updating periodically to keep you in the know of what’s happening musically in T-Dot. Enjoy.