After spending months in the laboratory, AKA the Coffee Culture down the street, I’ve been able to curate and put together what I believe is The World’s Greatest Acoustic Playlist.

Finding a reliably chill and calm acoustic playlist was a huge headache for me and even the best websites like 8Tracks, Songza, or Spotify couldn’t seem to put together  a complete playlist that could be played without having to skip half the songs. So as the saying goes: If you want something done right, do it yourself. 

I’ve gone ahead and created an all acoustic playlist that includes some of the most chill guitar riffs mixed with calm and soothing vocals that are perfect for study sessions, laid-back drives, or just kicking back and relaxing at home. I’ve tried to mix in some classics as well as include some new and modern tracks just to maintain some well needed Balance.

So if you have Spotify, follow and listen to the playlist below! Think we’re missing a track? Want to give some feedback? Let us know by tweeting to us at @wellbalancedman .